Coffee House is TOMORROW (Sept 15)

Campus Artist Series
Coffee House
September 15, 8-11 pm
Local Church Emphasis
Ledford Center

Attention students: Coffee House is back… except this time its better than ever! That’s right, its still your favorite event that allows you to relax with friends while you drink coffee, eat great dessert, and listen to rockin’ talent in the Ledford Center. However, we thought we’d kick it up a couple of notches.

Here are a few changes that we are beginning this year:

  1. Campus Artist Series: This year we are featuring more of your classmates and friends during Coffee House, and so we are calling it our “Campus Artist Series.” Each night will have multiple artists of varying styles performing. Be sure to check the flyers to see the line-up!
  2. Longer event: This year our event will be three hours instead of two. We will now be open from 8-11 PM.
  3. Fewer events: This year we will only be having two Coffee Houses instead of three. Make sure you don’t miss them!
  4. Different emphases: Each Coffee House will have a different emphasis or theme.

Thanks so much for your support and excitement in these changes. We welcome any feedback or suggestions that you may have! For more information, please contact the Student Life Office in the Ledford Center at 919-761-2305.

-Student Life Staff

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