Waitlists and Entering a Closed Class

There are some courses offered at SEBTS that fill up rather quickly, hence there is a great benefit for registering early rather than late. If you are not able add one of those courses to your cart, you should use the “Waitlist” function available through Self-Service. Please do not contact the professor directly.

If the course is full, instead of a button to Add the section to your cart, the button will read “Wait” and it will show you how many people are on the waitlist. The waitlist itself is weighted to allow students who are closer to graduation in before newer students. So, if you are a senior, even though there may be 8 people already on the list, it is entirely possible you will be near or at the top of the list. If you are a newer student, you will likely not be able to get into the class and we would recommend that you consider another section or another class.

Once a seat becomes available, you will receive a system generated email telling you to log-in to Self-Service and add the course. You have 24 hours to respond to this email before you are dropped from the waitlist and the chance to add goes to the next person in line. If you miss you chance and add yourself back to the waitlist, you go to the end of the line at that point.

If you have extenuating circumstances that warrant consideration for being added to the course anyway, such as the course being the last one you need to graduate that semester, you may make an appeal to the Registrar’s Office. Please email us at registrar@sebts.edu a concise rationale which we can direct to the proper parties and we will convey the decision back to you by return email. Just having a desire for a particular professor or a particular time slot are not in and of themselves extenuating circumstances.

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