Church Plant in New York City

Pastor Ed Moore of North Shore Baptist Church in Bayside Queens, NYC will be on campus Tuesday January 24 and Wednesday January 25. He wishes to meet and interview graduating students who might be interested in coming to New York City to plant an SBC church. Below please find a description of the kind of man that we are looking for to assist us with one of our church plants.


  1. Gospel centered mindset – has to have a good working knowledge of what it means to live the cross-centered life and lead by grace.
  2. Evangelistic zeal – has to currently demonstrate a consistent passion for the lost and possess a vision to reach them.
  3. Reformed theology – must be a committed, unashamed, five-point Calvinist.
  4. Gifted Preacher – he has to be able to feed the flock with faithful exegetical skill.
  5. Flexible schedule – he must be available to serve either on an interim or long-term basis. There are many unknown variables in this situation.
  6. All things to all men – ethnic congregation, will need a man with cultural sensitivity and a genuine love for all people.
  7. Tough nosed – this is New York! Frail egos need not apply. This is for a guy who wants a tough job and is looking to get his hands dirty.


  1. Musical talent – the ability to play an instrument and lead worship would be a major plus.
  2. Visionary – the ability to look at a church plant and add fresh ideas that will breathe enthusiasm into the congregation.

Please contact Ed Moore at 718-229-7223 (church) or 347-247-2549 (cell).

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