Faith & Fitness Classes available in Ledford

While you are theologically trained in the classroom here at Southeastern, it is our hope that you will not neglect the body God has given you (1 Cor 6.19-20). Our office seeks to provide different opportunities for students to meet and work-out together in a light-hearted, God-centered atmosphere. While we are very serious about our faith in Christ, we are also serious about fitness (1 Tim 4.8). Please feel free to come and join us – even if you just want to check it out.

These scheduled events are for students and non-students alike. However, please understand that all guests in the Ledford Center must adhere to the Ledford Center policies (i.e. must be signed in by a student, must adhere to our code of conduct, etc.).

If a particular event is not well attended, it may be taken off the schedule.

Click here to see fitness class offerings: Faith and Fitness Flier

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