JD Greear/Jerome Gay/Dr. Daniel Akin Panel Discussion on Race (Nov 13)

Race: Is there an issue? Come to ATTAM’s Panel Discussion on Race on November 13 to find out.

“In Matthew 8 Jesus smuggles a warning about hell in the context of racism and ethnocentrism (the belief that your ethnicity is superior)…We need to see the glaring contradiction in saying we believe in hell while making no effort to tear down the walls of racism and ethnic superiority.”

-Francis Chan

The questions is: Are you standing comfortably behind the walls or are you pushing to tear them down?

Join All Things to All Men (ATTAM) on Nov. 13th at 7pm in the Ledford Center as they host a panel discussion on race featuring Pastor JD Greear of the Summit Church, President Danny Akin, and Pastor Jerome Gay of Vision Church. Admission is $20 and includes coffee and dessert along with entrance into the worship service. Tickets can be purchased at ATTAM.eventbrite.com.

We want to hear your side. Tweet your questions to @ATTAM922 or use the hashtag #onebodymanycolors.


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