Business, Vocation, and the Great Commission

The L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture is hosting the conference “Business, Vocation, and the Great Commission.” We invite you to join us for the two events in association with this conference on Tuesday, March 25th. 

Panel Discussion (1:30pm): Preston Parrish will moderate a panel discussion on “Business as Mission: What Does It Look Like in Practice?” with four area Christian businessmen. The panelists include: Cliff Benson, Bill Boddie, Don Dancer, and Sidney Hinton.

Lecture (7:00pm): Dr. Vincent Bacote will present, “The First Great Commission, Business, & the Baptist Opportunity.” In this lecture, Dr. Bacote will argue that each Christian tradition brings unique gifts to the way we understand and practice our faith. He will explore how the Baptist tradition contributes to the understanding of practicing faith, particularly in business.

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Panel Discussion:


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