New Ledford Check-in Policy and Procedure


The Ledford Center at Southeastern will be implementing a new check-in procedure for use of equipment and workout facilities beginning May 5th. We are excited about this new process which we feel will improve efficiency for patrons and their guests. The new check-in process will require the use of the SEBTS 1Card (your student ID card) so that we can better manage use of the Student Center by our growing SEBTS family.

Although the new check-in policy and procedure is set to begin on Monday, May 5, a 1 month grace period will be given to Ledford patrons who do not have their ID’s at check-in. Starting Monday, June 2nd, ID’s will be necessary to access the Ledford facility when using equipment or workout facilities. If you would like more information in regard to other policies and procedures of Ledford, then please see Mike Parry in the Student Life Office or email him at


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