4 Ways Southeastern Can Help With Job Search Preparation

The job search process is something most of us have gone through, whether we like it or not. Despite how thrilling it can be to start a new job or ministry, the experience of applying for that opportunity can honestly be stress-inducing. Between the application/resume phase and the interviews, many people would rather avoid the whole experience. Nonetheless, most of us will be going through the job search process throughout our lives. So, the Vocational and Ministry Development program has provided the following 4 ways to assist you with this process:

  1. Employment/Ministry Referral Portal: Southeastern manages a website on which employers post available positions that they desire to fill with Southeastern students and Alumni. Employers are posting daily, so this portal is a great place to begin the job search process. To access the portal, click here.
  1. Resume Review: Students are given the chance to work on their Resume with our office. More particularly, this process provides the opportunity for students to sit down one-on-one to discuss goals and formatting for their resumes. For students who are unable to meet, our office also offers the option of emailing your resume for review.
  1. Mock Interviews: In order to provide the crucial experience needed to excel in the interview environment, student can prepare with Vocational and Ministry Development. During the Mock Interview, our office will simulate an interview with the students in order to gain a feel for the sorts of questions they can expect from employers. Afterwards, the students will receive coaching out how to improve, as well as areas of strength they can emphasize.
  1. Job Fair: During the beginning of each Fall Semester, our office hosts an annual Job Fair. During this event, 50+ eager employers come to Southeastern’s campus to connect with students. This event is a wonderful opportunity to get to know what opportunities are available around Southeastern.

Our office looks forward to serving you in any way we can. Feel free to contact us at 919-761-2357 or at studentresources@sebts.edu.

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