A Note on the Remainder of the Fall Semester

Dear Students,

As we start the Thanksgiving Break, I want to remind everyone that after this break all classes and exams are online through the last day of the semester, Wednesday, December 9th.

Many of you will be spending time with family and friends this Thanksgiving Break in smaller gatherings. However, I want to remind you to be vigilant regarding potential exposure to others who may have COVID-19. Of the cases that we have had among the students, most of them have come from students traveling home to see family. If you are planning to return to the area after Thanksgiving Break, please practice extra caution on your return by wearing your face covering and especially by appropriately distancing even with the people with whom you have roomed over the course of the semester. The ability for us to continue to offer on-campus classes in the Spring is going to largely depend on how well we end the semester. Please note that Ledford Center hours for the remainder of the semester after Thanksgiving Break will be from 7am to 7pm.

I ask that you remember that if you are showing any symptoms at all, even if you feel certain that it is not COVID, self-isolate, contact Student Life, and get tested. In addition, if you test negative and are sick with just a cold or the flu, please make the same decisions to isolate and not move around campus until whatever symptoms you are experiencing are gone for at least 24 hours.

We have updated our COVID-19 page in preparation for the Spring semester. Many of the steps we have taken this Fall will remain in place for the Spring. Click here for the information for the Spring semester.

Have a safe end of the semester. Congratulations to our graduates. We look forward to seeing the rest of you back on campus in the Spring.

In Christ’s Service,

Danny Akin