Jacksonville Pastor’s Conference Course

The 29th Annual Pastor’s Conference will be January 22-January 25, 2015 at FBC Jacksonville, FL. Students and spouses may attend this conference at a reduced rate of $50.00. This rate also includes some meals and free books. Speakers this year include: Luis Palau, Paul Tripp, Matt Carter, JD Greear, Johnny Hunt, Voddie Baucham, Al Mohler,

Bay Leaf’s Power of One {Men’s Conference}

Each year, Bay Leaf Baptist Church hosts a conference just for men. This year, the focus will be on how God works in our lives to equip and empower us to make an eternal difference. We believe that one man can make a difference in his family, work, church and world. This year’s speakers, Dr.

Pastor’s Conference FBC Jacksonville, FL

The 28th Annual Pastor’s Conference will be January 23 – January 26, 2014 at FBC Jacksonville, FL. ( Students and spouses may attend this conference at a reduced rate of $50.00. This rate also includes some meals. Speakers this year include: Robert Smith, Al Mohler, Jim Cymbala, Richard Owen Roberts, Johnny Hunt, Henry Morris, III

Noah’s Flood Conference, this Friday!

Please join us this Friday, October 25th, for an all-day event as our guest speakers and some of our own Old Testament faculty discuss the scientific and biblical data for the age of the Earth and Noah’s flood. Both young-earth creation scientists and old-earth creation scientists will be present to dialogue with one another about

Noah’s Flood and the Age of the Earth: Oct. 25

Many can recount the story of Noah’s flood, even those outside of Christendom. Though it is a well-known narrative, there remains an intense debate over the extent of the flood and its chronology in relation to the age of the Earth. Where do dinosaurs fit into the story and are the six days in the

NAMB Send North America Conference, July 29-30, 2013

Don’t miss the North America Mission Board’s Send North America Conference, July 29-30, 2013, in Dallas, Texas. This two-day gathering will help churches and leaders further discover, develop and deploy their roles and resources to penetrate lostness in North America. In addition to main sessions, breakouts, workshops and networking opportunities, the conference offers tracks customized

Family Life Conference- April 13-14

Family Life Conference The lives of married couples are filled with pressure. Whether it be money worries in a time of economic stress or the everday rigors of time management, many couples feel the stress of daily living most clearly in their relationship. When you add one, two, or more children to the mix, the

Volunteers Needed: 20/20 Collegiate Conference

20/20 Collegiate Conference “Conversing with the Culture: Giving Reason for Our Hope.” Will be held Friday and Saturday, February 4th and 5th and  we will need volunteers to help with the following: Before the conference for a variety of projects, well as volunteers to work registration, meals and breakout sessions. Volunteers will receive free admission into the conference (for selected